Science and Technology Resources from the Franklin Institute

Check these resources for learning about science and technology, from The Franklin Institute website: – Science learning home page features Science
Headlines, activities and ideas for inspiring scientific curiosity at home, in
school, or wherever you are. – Science learning and classroom resources
like The Human Heart, The Human Brain, and Ben Franklin FAQ. – History of Science and Technology. – Interesting stories about
individuals from the history of science and technology. – “Pieces of Science” is an online gallery of sixteen
educational units related to a collection of historical science objects. The
learning units, ranging from primary to secondary grade levels, include: the
Lightning Rod, Bicycle Hero Major Taylor, Ben Franklin’s Armonica, the Electric
Tabulating Machine, Powered Coin Press, Daguerreotype Cameras, Apollo 8,
Maillardet’s Automaton, Apollo 10, Bicycle Technology, the fastest Solar-Powered
Car, Grumman Lunar Module, Motion Photography, Genetic Engineering, Priestley’s
Physics, and Penicillin. – Kitchen Science: Explore Cooking Like a
Scientist! – Resources for 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th grade teachers
that support the core curriculum for science. – Curriculum connections and educator’s
guides for Franklin Institute exhibits.

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