Celebrate Art Museum Day on May 18

On May 18, Association of Art Museum Directors (AAMD) member museums across the United States, Canada, and Mexico will offer free or reduced admission, special programs, and other initiatives as part of their annual celebration of Art Museum Day.

View a comprehensive list of museums participating in the 2013 Art Museum Day at the AAMD website: https://aamd.org/our-members/from-the-field/art-museum-day-2013. (Note that while Art Museum Day is formally held on May 18, some institutions shift their celebrations to adjacent dates.) The AAMD member museums will emphasize the lasting impact art museums have on their communities, highlight the value of the visual arts in society, and provide opportunities for audiences to participate in wide-ranging programs and share their encounters with works of art.

“Whether through exhibitions that connect us to other cultures or public programs that introduce new ideas, museums draw communities together in a shared experience of human creativity and expression,” said Christine Anagnos, Executive Director of AAMD. “This Art Museum Day, AAMD encourages everyone to discover their connection to the arts by visiting their local museum and sharing their experiences in a public forum.” Museum visitors can use social media to share their Art Museum Day experiences through special events on Facebook and Foursquare, and with the hashtag #ArtMuseumDay.

AAMD’s Art Museum Day is an opportunity to focus attention on the role of art museums in North America as part of a larger worldwide initiative. Art Museum Day coincides with International Museum Day, organized annually around the world by the International Council of Museums (ICOM). ICOM’s International Museum Day (http://icom.museum/imd.html) has been celebrated globally since 1977, to encourage public focus on the museum as “an institution in the service of society and of its development.” Each year a theme is selected for International Museum Day that highlights the social significance of museums. ICOM’s theme for 2013 is “museums (memory + creativity) = social change.”

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