Thousands of homeschool resources for just $2/year

FYI… the following special offer was sent to me by a homeschool mom in the UK. She previously sold annual memberships for $60 but now you can join her lesson library for only $2. You can even request specific lessons that she will write for you at no extra cost!


I just wanted to let you know about a great offer from Lesson Library.  I and my family have been writing learning resources for kids for more than 5 years, and now have about 7500 resources on our website.  We homeschooled our son, Connal, and want to support homeschooling families around the world so we’re offering homeschoolers a full year’s membership of the website for just $2.

Members have access to ALL our educational material from kindergarten to age 16 and we cover almost every school subject:

Art, Business Studies, Computing, English, French, Gaelic, Geography, History, Home Economics, Latin, Maths, Music, Parenting Articles, PSE, Religious Studies, Science, Social Science, Study Skills, Teaching Aids, Sheet Music and a Literature Library.

Resources include ready-made lesson plans, worksheets, crafts & activities, textbooks, novels, activity books, science experiments, sheet music, project material, fact sheets, lectures, tests and quizzes. We still write lessons and add more every week, and you’ll find activity books, textbooks, worksheets, project material, full lessons, arts & crafts, science experiments, a literature library, sheet music, and lots more. To take up the special offer, just go to



P.S. We also have a page of sample lessons that you may take away with our compliments!

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