NEW! Philosophy Adventure (and a chance to win a free copy)

From our friends at Homeschooling Teen

The Homeschool Adventure Co. is debuting a unique new curriculum for middle school and high school students on the subject of philosophy – and they were kind enough to offer a FREE downloadable copy to share with one lucky reader! (Scroll down for a chance to win!)

Introducing… Philosophy Adventure!

DO YOU NEED to learn advanced writing and speaking skills?

DO YOU WANT to be equipped to discern the truth about the ungodly messages and false philosophies that bombard us every day?

DO YOU WONDER how you can possibly cover all of this academically as well as practically?

Philosophy Adventure is the perfect solution!

Philosophy Adventure™ is a program designed to help 6th-12th grade students cultivate and defend a biblical worldview by teaching them how to write skillfully, think critically, and speak articulately as they explore the history of philosophy and the impact of ideas. This curriculum draws upon some of the finest resources available from such great Christian thinkers as C.S. Lewis, Francis Schaeffer, and R.C. Sproul. Using the lives of the philosophers as a starting point, Philosophy Adventure™ covers a wide range of subjects: History & Geography, Vocabulary & Composition, Logic & Critical Thinking, Presentation & Persuasion, Apologetics & Worldview. Meet the philosophers and anchor your learning to interesting stories, the cultural backdrop of each philosopher’s life, the School of Thought identified with each philosopher, how his ideas played out in his own life, and how his ideas ultimately impacted the world. Philosophy Adventure™ is engaging, easy to use, and empowering!
The Reader is a spiral bound, 8.5 x 11″, colorful text filled with relevant images, philosopher stories, writing lessons, critical thinking lessons, public speaking lessons, historical geography, primary sources, and a biblical worldview analysis. It also contains detailed writing checklists and delightful creative writing prompts.
The Student Workbook includes philosopher notebook pages, mapping assignments, quizzes, tests, and more.
The Teacher’s Resources contain keys to the quizzes, tests, and mapping assignments, timelines, and “at-a-glance” instructions designed to simplify teaching.

About the Author: Stacy Farrell is a homeschool mom, conference speaker, and workshop leader. She has taught a variety of classes including world history, philosophy, creative writing, essay writing, critical thinking, and speech communication. As both a writer and a teacher, she has a passion for empowering teens to recover territory lost to fuzzy thinking and low expectations.

Philosophy Adventure Giveaway!

HOW TO ENTER: All are welcome to enter Homeschooling Teen’s Rafflecopter Giveaway (see widget below) for a chance to win a complete digital set of Philosophy Adventure (retail value $39.95). Simply log in using Facebook or an email address. Mandatory Entry: state why you want to win this philosophy course. YOU MUST ANSWER THE QUESTION TO BE COUNTED. To increase your chance of winning, you can receive additional entries for “liking” Homeschooling Teen on Facebook, “liking” this post, following Homeschooling Teen on Twitter, and Tweeting about the giveaway. On June 10, the winner will be randomly selected from among all the entries.

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