Make Learning Fun with Scene-a-Rama Dioramas!

We stopped by the local hobby store the other day and while browsing a rack of books I found this neat project book by Scene-a-Rama. The Scene-A-Rama Project Book has tons of easy and fun ideas, tips and techniques for creating unique dioramas, displays, arts & crafts. It also provides motivation, stimulation, and inspiration for helping students develop awesome school projects!

This colorful book is full of finished displays that include subject matter in biology, geology, astronomy, anatomy, animal and human habitats, history, literature, and architecture. There are also ideas for seasonal and religious projects, and examples of shoeboxes and shadowboxes. Instructions are included for making rocks, mountains, trees, water, and landscapes. Techniques for sculpting, painting, and labeling are also included along with directions for making buildings, structures and different textures.

This one project book is a great source of ideas for each of the various projects, dioramas, and displays your child will encounter during all of their school years. But it’s not just for school! With its bright, colorful illustrations, as well as easy-to-use materials and supplies, it would be a great sourcebook of ideas for designing and creating fun summer projects and crafts. And not only will it keep them engaged in learning activities all year round, it will really give your child’s creative imagination a boost!

The book was so interesting, I looked up Scene-a-Rama when I got home. I found that Woodland Scenics, the world leader in model scenery supplies, created the Scene-a-Rama product line especially for students! Of course the ultimate goal is to get you to buy their project kits and accessories, but you don’t have to. And on their website you can download the entire 84-page full-color Project Book for free! Click here to download a free pdf of this book. (Just be patient, it will take a while because it’s such a large file.)

The Scene-a-Rama website includes videos with tips and techniques for making easy scenery and landscapes, building structures in realistic detail, how to make a variety of figures and animals, and step-by-step instructions for diorama projects. You can even download different backgrounds (city, town, clouds, sky, desert, and layered contour lines).

Also on their website is a project gallery with more project ideas, tips and techniques. There are instructions on how to build Animals & Sculptures, Arts & Crafts, Buildings & Structures, Dioramas & Shoebox Dioramas, Masks, Miscellaneous Projects (like a Mini Mummy, or a Sea Shell Display), and others that are Just For Fun (Photo Holders, Jar Diorama, Flower Pot Diorama, Egg Scene, etc.).

Find all of these creative project ideas and more at!

P.S. In addition to the Project Book described above, Scene-a-Rama has produced another book, A+ Projects & Dioramas: A Student’s Handbook. It’s a 202-page, spiral-bound resource for modeling all kinds of projects and dioramas, whether for a school assignment or just for fun. Section one contains fully illustrated step-by-step instructions for making 34 different school projects for commonly studied subjects. Construct projects exactly as shown or create a similar project by combining the instructions with the tips and techniques found in section two. Section two contains more than 250 modeling tips and techniques detailing how to display a project, create terrain and landscape, sculpt, construct and detail structures and paint. Once you learn the simple techniques, you will have the skills needed to make unique school projects or construct any type of model. Click here to download a free pdf of this book.

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