It’s National Doughnut Day!

National Doughnut Day is celebrated on the first Friday of June each year. The event was originally created by The Salvation Army in 1938  as a way to raise funds and bring awareness to The Salvation Army’s social service programs by honoring the women who served doughnuts to soldiers on the frontlines during World War I. These volunteers became known by the servicemen as “Doughnut Dollies.”

In honor of the day’s history, Entenmann’s baked goods company is donating $1 to the Salvation Army for every person who “likes” the Entenmann’s Facebook Page through June 15th. You can also enter the National Donut Day Sweepstakes by June 30th for your chance to win free Entenmann’s donuts for a year!

Dunkin’ Donuts, Krispy Kreme, and others will be giving away free doughnuts today. (Dunkin’ Donuts requires you to buy a beverage, but no purchase is necessary at Krispy Kreme.) Check out the local bakeries in your neighborhood to see if they are offering any Donut Day specials. You can also scroll through the National Donut Day website to find fresh donuts in your area.

Doughnut or Donut? Both spellings are used in the US, with “donut” indicated as a variant of “doughnut.” In the UK, “donut” is indicated as an American variant for “doughnut.

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