Resources for Teaching Biblical Economics

Economics for Everybody is a DVD curriculum that teaches economics from a Christian perspective. It’s highly recommended as a high school economics course. Read a comprehensive review of the program at:

If you visit the publisher’s website, you can access lots of free resources for studying economics, such as the following:

Answer Guide/Scope and Sequence – Economics for Everybody is designed to be the base of a one-semester economics class for homeschool high school students. If this Scope and Sequence is followed, it will good for one half credit in economics.

Compass Classroom – An extensive resource list for learning more about economics.

Economics Blog – Includes a 5-part guide titled “You Can Teach Basic Economics to Your Kids.”

Lessons 1 & 2 – Download two full lessons for free!

And last but not least… the full 240-minute series of Economics for Everybody has been cleverly edited into a 2-hour educational documentary! The abridged version is titled “Economics Has Consequences.” Filled with fun and interesting clips from old movies and newsreels, it’s a uniquely entertaining exploration of economics. View on YouTube below:

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