New App Helps Kids With Medical Issues

If you’ve ever had a child in the hospital, you know that you’ll do anything to ensure a positive experience while trying to reduce their anxiety and fear.

Simply Sayin’ is a new mobile application for iOS that’s designed to lessen anxiety for kids who are dealing with a medical condition by helping hospital staff and parents explain medical jargon, procedures, and health issues in age- appropriate ways. The app uses child-friendly pictures, sounds, and an alphabetical glossary of terms to facilitate clear conversations between healthcare providers, child, and family.

In addition to the glossary, the Simply Sayin’ app features age-appropriate anatomical images that can be drawn on to illustrate surgical procedures; photographs of hospital rooms and diagnostic equipment; audio files that introduce children to the sounds of medical equipment; and several teach-back features that will help make sure children understand what’s going on. A Spanish version of the glossary is also available.

The nonprofit Valley Leadership group provided the initial funding for the app, which was developed by MediaKube in partnership with Phoenix Children’s Hospital. PCH’s Patient and Alumni Leadership (PALs) also were instrumental in working on the app. According to The Phoenix Business Journal, the project team believes this app is the first of its kind.

Simply Sayin’ was downloaded more than 100 times in the first 24 hours after its release, and it quickly earned five-star ratings on iTunes. The app was also one of the top 200 medical downloads of the day in the U.S.

Download the app at iTunes – it’s FREE!

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