Happy First Day of Summer!

What comes to mind when you think of summertime? Picnics… barbeques… camping… beach parties… sandcastles… sailing… swimming… raspberry picking… lemonade… watermelon… ice cream… flowers… fireworks… family reunions…?

Whether or not you’re homeschooling through the summer, try to do something different to shake up your routine a bit and make some happy memories. Have a family game or movie night. Take a trip to a local park or museum. Check out a bunch of books at the library. Go on a nature walk or bike ride. Can’t afford to take time off for a family vacation? Maybe you can go camping some weekend. Don’t want to leave the comfort of home? If you live in a nice climate, you can spend more time gardening, exploring, and playing outside. Consider a backyard campout, BBQ, stargazing or pool party. Too hot? Stay indoors and read, play games, or do puzzles. Write about your summer adventures, activities, thoughts and dreams in a journal. Click here for an article about summer, with more ideas for things to do. Whatever you do, have fun!

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