Kingdomality: What Medieval Vocation Are You?

Here is a fun link that would be useful as part of a career exploration study for older students. (The topic will capture the imagination of younger children, too, but the actual quiz questions are geared more to high schoolers and adults.)

Kingdomality at provides a fun personality profile based on eight questions and assigns you to one of twelve medieval vocations: Bishop, Benevolent Ruler, Shepherd, Black Knight, Scientist, Discoverer, Merchant, Prime Minister, Engineer-Builder, Dreamer-Minstrel, White Knight, and Doctor. Each character has certain likes and dislikes, environments where they flourish, and others where they falter.

Kingdomality was created in 1990 by vocational psychologist Richard Silvano. When he and his two daughters were playing with a Playmobil castle and Klicky figures, Silvano was inspired to fashion a short personality test by translating Playmobil and Klicky figures into medieval vocational characters. Silvano and his wife wrote a a book based on this idea titled: Kingdomality: An Ingenious New Way to Triumph in Management, using a medieval kingdom as a parable for a business environment.

Kingdomality involves the story of a mythical king presiding over a chaotic kingdom in which nothing seems to get done because the subjects are unhappy, unreliable, and in constant conflict because they have been assigned tasks that they are completely unsuited for. A visiting wizard grants the king one wish to straighten the whole mess out, delivering management consultant Lady Elizabeth, who introduces the book’s theory on twelve personality types and the jobs that make them happy.

Click here to take the test: Once you have completed it, ask your friends and family members to try it. The results may be quite revealing and not necessarily what you might expect! I turned out to be a Dreamer-Minstrel, but I can also see myself as a Scientist or Discoverer.  What medieval vocation would suit you? Leave a comment below!

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