Free Enterprise vs. Government Intervention

The Free Enterprise Alliance

Our own nation’s history has shown that government intervention in the economy, usually on the behalf of a politically powerful group, results in misery rather than prosperity for most Americans. During the 1930s, misguided government programs thwarted economic recovery by forcing high wages and high taxes on businesses struggling to survive. The result was widespread unemployment for the entire decade. We need to prevent another decade of misery created by misguided government disruption of the free enterprise system.

A non-partisan website,, seeks to educate Americans that meeting the needs of others through the voluntary exchange of goods and services in a free enterprise economy is what allowed for the creation of prosperity that we all enjoy. shows that the role of government is to create an environment where individuals and organizations can prosper by protecting the personal and property rights of its citizens. This is why the Founding Fathers strictly limited the powers of the federal government in the Constitution.

The website offers resources to show your friends, family, and colleagues how free enterprise, not government intervention, creates jobs and prosperity for all. Includes a free download of Economics in One Lesson, a to-the-point primer on economics and some commonly held economic fallacies. Click here for more information. The Free Enterprise Alliance is the issue advocacy fund of Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc., a national trade association in Arlington, Virginia. Learn more at

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