Creation Ministries Resource Giveaway

For a limited time, in partnership with Great Homeschool Conventions, Creation Ministries International (CMI) is offering a never-before-available bundle package for FREE! The retail value of this giveaway is $16.50. The following resources are included in the bundle:

Why Does a Good God Allow Bad Things? (Video download, presented by Gary Bates) – One of the most frequently asked questions is “Why would a loving God allow death and suffering?” In this video, Gary Bates persuasively unfolds the often overlooked issue in today’s evolution-creation culture wars—the vital ‘big picture’ of the Gospel. Once a convinced evolutionist, Gary is now a young-Earth creationist with a heart to communicate this life-changing information to the average person.

The Greatest Hoax on Earth? by Dr Jonathan Sarfati (ebook/epub download format) – Richard Dawkins, the high priest of evolution/atheism, says his book The Greatest Show on Earth presents all the indisputable evidence for evolution/long ages. But CMI’s Dr. Jonathan Sarfati – a scientist, logician, chessmaster, and author of The Greatest Hoax on Earth – relentlessly demolishes Dawkin’s claims point-by-point, showing how biblical creation makes more sense of the evidence.

Creation Magazine (Digital Edition) – This unique quarterly 56-page full-color family magazine (with no paid advertising) gives God the glory, refutes evolution, and gives you the answers to defend your faith and uphold the true history of the world found in Genesis. The exciting articles provide a wealth of intelligent educational material for Christian homeschoolers on nature, history, science, the Bible, and related subjects.

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