Free English Video Lessons

Learn English for FREE at! provides over 500 free English video lessons on everything from introductory grammar to TOEFL prep to business English – along with free quizzes, printable resources, and more. If you are an English student or teacher, this site will help you. Levels range from Beginner to Intermediate and Advanced.

Although much of this site is geared to ESL students, most if not all of these videos are well worth watching by any student of English, including native English speakers. We found the videos on essay writing to be especially helpful. The enthusiastic instructors make studying the English language fun and interesting!

English Resources –’s free resources and reference material for English students and teachers. All material is downloadable and printable. With titles like “Parts of Speech,” “Verb Tenses,” “50 Common Grammar Mistakes,” and “240 Common Spelling Mistakes,” these provide excellent reinforcement for learning grammar, spelling, vocabulary, and more!

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