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VideoClass.com is an e-learning website that covers every subject area taught in the United States – from elementary grade levels to college and university levels – without the costly fee of a tutor! On the VideoClass.com website, you can choose from the many subjects that are listed in the left menu. By choosing a subject, you are able to explore all of its content as outlined by the Common Core State Standards Initiative. VideoClass teachers create engaging lessons for all types of learning styles. The teachers are all certified, have experience, and work within the subject areas that they are teaching.

School subjects include Art, Biology, Chemistry, English, History, Literature, Mathematics, Physics, and Technology. University subjects include: Social Sciences, Humanities, Natural Sciences, Formal Sciences, Professions/Applied Sciences, and Medicine. Each main subject category is further divided into its many subcategories. The video lessons take the core of those subject areas, teach them, reinforce them, and supply exercises and resources to implement and master.

To the right of each subject category there is a small symbol of a graph. By clicking the graph image, you open the Learning Tree for the specific subject. The Learning Trees begin with the title of the subject, the number of lessons, exercises available, and have an orange downward arrow which serves as a dropdown. This replicates an actual tree in which the branches hold leafs, each with a specific category of knowledge. As you expand onward with the branches, each leaf holds new knowledge for you to acquire. You can also search for a specific subject or keyword.

Attention Parents! Once you register with VideoClass you will be able to customize and track your child’s performance through every viewed and exercised video lesson. Progress bars enable you to track the percentage of a lesson viewed, exercised, and reviewed. Each user has their personalized goal learning quota which is tracked within VideoClass to identify if goals are met or if they need to be revisited. Depending on your operating system, Android or Apple, there are available applications in your Play Store or App Store for VideoClass. This allows your child to learn on the go!

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