Videojug: Instructional Videos

Looking for cool videos on a wide range of topics? is an instructional video website that provides over 60,000 FREE “how-to” videos and guides. View easy-to-follow, step-by-step videos with expert advice on almost everything you could ever want to learn how to do.

The site provides both professionally made videos produced internally, as well as some editorially selected quality videos produced by amateurs. What sets it apart from other how-to sites is how the information is presented: no long articles, just video. Find videos on everything from “How to Tie a Tie” and “How to Fold a T-Shirt in 2 Seconds” to “How to Teach Poetry” and “How to Teach Long Division.”

Homeschoolers will be most interested in Videojug’s Family & Education channel, which covers everything from family life, pregnancy, and babies to school days, study guides and university life. Kids of all ages will find plenty of mess, magic, and make-and-do in the dedicated Kids Channel, a special selection of videos for active, inquisitive kids. Other Videojug channels include: DIY & Home, Health & Wellbeing, Sports & Outdoors, Creative & Culture, Technology & Cars, Money & Careers, Beauty & Style, Food & Drink. – Bringing Videojug’s world-leading library of easy-to-follow tutorial videos to your mobile device, Videojug can help you solve everyday challenges and tricky situations wherever and whenever you need.

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