TinyTap: Create Free Educational Games

TinyTap is a platform for creating simple educational games and books for kids!
This creative app for the iPhone and iPad allows parents, grandparents, and children of all ages the opportunity to turn the moments they share together into fun educational games.

To create a game, the user adds a photo, records some questions, traces the answers and that’s it, the game is ready. All the games are saved using a unique file format created by TinyTap and can be shared with anyone who has TinyTap installed.

Families can create personal and fun games from everyday photos and family events. Teachers and caretakers can utilize this simple and powerful platform to come up with new ways to personalize their lesson plans and create activities to fit each child’s individual needs. Great for special needs kids too!

“TinyTap is the first free iPhone/iPad app which lets anyone easily create educational kids games and share them with a whole network of other users. We have done groundbreaking work in the field of e-education and have received amazing feedback from kids, parents and teachers alike. We are being used to teach virtually anything – be it in homes, schools or in special needs therapy.” ~Julie Moskovits, e-learning consultant

Check out the updated version with many exciting new features, available in 13 languages!

Download Free at the App Store

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