The Dumbest Kid In School: a role model for kids today

What’s most important to a child’s education, future, or success? Read about the true story of a boy who felt he was the dumbest student in his fifth grade class, and have your kids read it, too. Through the demands of his single, working mother, who didn’t know how to read herself, he discovered the value of the library and learned to read. He found that he enjoyed learning, and he expanded his knowledge in every subject. In fact, he was so driven that he won a full scholarship to Yale University. From Yale, he attended the University of Michigan where he attained his M.D. Find out how the pioneering neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson journeyed from a troubled youth to realize his dream of becoming a physician at Students might like to read his book, Gifted Hands, and write a book report. Parents, you can also look for the 2009 feature film, Gifted Hands, on DVD.


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