American Sign Language – a unique foreign language credit

Distinguish your homeschool transcript with a unique foreign language credit!

Do you often use your hands while you talk?
Do you have a flair for the dramatic?
Do you want to learn a great memory aid?
Do you want to attend fun social events where you can improve your skills?
Do you want to learn a foreign language and earn community service hours at the same time?

American Sign Language (ASL) is for you!

Sign language can broaden your communication skills, stimulate your senses, and increase your ability to be expressive. Many states now recognize ASL as a foreign language for the purpose of meeting high school and college graduation requirements.

Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Learn ASL

1. ASL is one of the fastest growing languages of study in the U.S. today!
2. There are already over 1,000,000 deaf and hearing impaired people using ASL.
3. ASL is the third most used language in the U.S. right behind English and Spanish!
4. ASL helps parents talk more easily to their hearing impaired children.
5. It can help people get jobs in the service industry.
6. Learning ASL introduces you to the Deaf community and its rich cultural experiences.
7. Learning a new language helps users appreciate the fundamentals of learning a language.
8. Many people say that ASL is a lot more fun to learn than other foreign languages.
9. You can teach it to a baby. Babies can learn to sign before they can learn to speak.
10. ASL helps people with limited verbal skills to communicate more effectively.

ASL Resources – American Sign Language as a foreign language. – About American Sign Language, from the Deaf Resource Library. – ASL resource site. Free online lessons, ASL dictionary, and resources for teachers, students, and parents. – ASL Resource Guide with links to ASL and Deaf Culture, Learning ASL, ASL for Babies and Children, and ASL Dictionaries. – Free online video dictionary of ASL signs. – ASL Dictionaries & Quizzes (with video). – States that recognize ASL as a foreign language. This information was current as of November 2004. (PDF format.)

As with any foreign language, the best way to learn ASL is to enroll in a class with a qualified teacher who can guide you in such variations as regional differences and facial expressions. Your local community center, community college, or homeschool co-op may offer ASL classes.

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