Little City Kids Play-to-Learn World History Curriculum

“Welcome to a place where every child is an explorer. Every day an adventure. Cleverly engineered Imagination Stations and carefully designed curricula invite your child to play. The building blocks of science, music, math, art and language are explored in a hands-on interactive environment…. Welcome to Little City Kids, where learning is child’s play.”

Little City Kids is a unique teaching approach that encourages children to enjoy learning about the world. The year’s lessons are based on a timeline of world history incorporating the traditional subjects of math, science, and literacy into an innovative study of world cultures emphasizing the arts. Little City Kids™ was founded in 1998 by Howard and Robin Stearns of Franksville, Wisconsin, who thought, “Why can’t you just have a day care center in a children’s museum?”

While the Montessori-like learning program was designed for a childcare center, every bit of Little City Kids curriculum has been put online for others to use, absolutely FREE! Little City Kids offers 52 weeks of play-based, hands-on social studies lesson plans to teach your child about world history, geography and more. The daily lessons are designed for children from preschool to first grade, though older children would certainly enjoy them.

The Little City Kids curriculum does an excellent job of combining learning, exploration, and fun. Each unit is broken down into detailed plans that include crafts, activities, links, videos, books, teacher resources, and even snack suggestions. Just a fraction of the activities would be a wonderful supplement to any homeschool. So pick and choose what you want to use, and don’t worry about doing every single part of each day’s lessons.

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