Heart Rescue Save-A-Life Simulator

Do you know what an AED is? Do you know how to use one?

Every day, thousands of Americans are struck by sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). When this occurs, the heart stops abruptly, failing to pump blood to vital organs. More than 90 percent of people who experience SCA die – and that statistic has not changed significantly in over 30 years.

To improve SCA survival rates, three levels of response – bystander, emergency medical service, and hospital – must be connected and coordinated. Community education can dramatically improve the odds of SCA victims through bystander action. The Medtronic Foundation produced a public service announcement and corresponding online Heart Rescue Save-A-Life Simulator as part of a national campaign to promote proper and timely bystander response.

The Save-A-Life Simulator is an an interactive online experience that bridges the gap between classroom training and a real crisis. As a virtual participant, you watch the simulator from your viewpoint and test your skills. The simulator creates the urgency of the situation and allows you to practice making critical lifesaving choices. (If you pick the wrong choice, the man dies – so choose wisely.)

View the PSA now. Then check out the Save-A-Life Simulator. This will help you to learn the optimal reaction – call 911, start chest compressions, and send someone to find an AED (automated external defibrillator). Finally, go to the HeartRescue Project resource page for more information including education videos, training programs, and helpful links.


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