Educate for Life

Educate for Life is a non-profit ministry founded by Kevin Conover in La Mesa, California, which offers homeschool classes, online classes, and seminar classes on Christian apologetics. This organization works with young adults to help them know Christ and build their trust in the Bible by using apologetics to demonstrate the Bible’s credibility.

Christian apologetics is a branch of theology that aims to defend or prove the truth of Christian doctrines. Kevin Conover has been teaching and speaking on apologetics for more than six years to kids, high school students, and adults. He is certified through the Association of Christian Schools International, has a Masters Degree in Divinity, and currently is working on his Masters Degree in Apologetics at Biola University.

Christian apologetics courses for kids and youth are designed with the aim to present a rational and logical base for the Christian faith right from their childhood. Students are taught several life related topics like religion, lifestyle, and nature while being trained to defend the Christian faith against objections and misrepresentation, not only on historical evidence but on theological and scientific investigation as well.

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