The SenseAble® Phonics System


Our language code is a complex combination of many languages,­­­­­ which can be challenging for the beginning reader. The best readers are those students who are able to quickly and easily identify the words they are reading, so they can focus on meaning/comprehension. SenseAble® Phonics is a unique mnemonics-based system that strategically provides the essential tools needed for phonics mastery.

The SenseAble® phonics program uses simple, but powerful, learning strategies. Original illustrations transform abstract alphabet symbols into meaningful information. Every letter is embedded inside a graphic image which becomes a powerful link between the letter and its sound. For example, the letter “t” is an old-fashioned telephone pole. The letter “c” is a candy cane, bent into the shape of the letter. The letter “m” is two mountains, side-by-side, to form the curves of the letter.

The SenseAble® Phonics System supports special education teachers, general education teachers, and homeschool parents. The program’s subscription-based site can be found at (The subscription fee is only $10.00 per month – a non-recurring charge – and they offer a discount if you sign up for multiple months in advance.) The website also has numerous FREE lessons and FREE supplemental materials.

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  1. I used SenseAble Phonics by Jeanne Northrup many years ago and wondered if it is still available because I had talked with Jeanne while she was still alive about publishing a set of readers I had been writing to accompany her approach. Now, I’m so glad I saved her binder and my books as my grandson is struggling to read but is responding well to the pacing of Jeanne’s work and the little stories I wrote.

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