Learn About the Skeletal and Muscular System

Do you have a budding medical student in your home? They will like this site! LearnBones.com is a great resource on both the skeletal system and the muscular system (often called the musculoskeletal system) for high school and college students. Learn about the bones and muscles, memorize their names, and see their positions in the human body. This comprehensive guide includes fun bone facts and figures, detailed descriptions and diagrams, information about various bone diseases, etc. Many of the images displayed are from Grays Anatomy, the classic anatomy textbook. The website also has a 47-minute educational video on the skeletal system featuring renowned UC Berkeley professor Marian Diamond, who lectures the old-fashioned way – by writing on a chalkboard. (Note: There may be a pop-up ad that comes on when you go to the site, but I can’t see what it is because my ad-blocker is blocking it.) http://www.learnbones.com

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