Learn All About Insects

Orkin pest control may be high-priced (we had three companies give us quotes of $500 for getting rid of our termites, and the Orkin guy quoted $2,000!) — but the extensive and interactive Orkin Learning Center is definitely worth exploring.

Check out the Pest Library where you can learn to identify termites, insects, and 28 common household pests— plus study their biology, diets, habits, and habitats.

Visit the Pest Project to discover the many ways insects contribute to science, forensics, art and culture.

Take a virtual tour of the O. Orkin Insect Zoo at the Smithsonian Institution.

Visit Orkin’s Kids & Teachers section to learn about the amazing world of insects with lesson plans, games, crafts, coloring activities and other materials featuring a variety of fun insect facts for kids. See also Orkin Junior Pest Investigators for FREE lesson plans and educational materials.

Download and view Insect Safari Guidebook as a PDF file.

Watch Orkin’s pest videos and get useful tips in the prevention of household pests.

Wondering what kind of bug you have seen? Find the answers you want fast and easy with frequently asked questions. Or if you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, just send your questions to Ask The Orkin Man.

Finally, Orkin’s free “Bug Battle” mobile app allows users to swat flies, pinch termites, and squish ants. Bug Battle is available on iPad, iPhone, iTouch, and iPods.

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