Free Unit Study: Growing Up Dutch

“Ditch the Desk” with this fun unit study from Hiding the Peas

This month we will be learning about Holland with a complete four week Ditch the Desk Curriculum packet!  My father immigrated to America as a teenager and brought his favorite parts of the Dutch culture with him.  Most of our lessons will be touching on food, games, and fun Holland facts.

But, for the first lesson, we will be reading about his early years in Holland during World War II.  The children will be reading a story about the end of World War II through the eyes of a child, Robbie (my father). This is a true story and I have included several more pages of background information for the parent to help answer any questions that may arise from your child.

Delve a little deeper and get an inside perspective on growing up… Dutch!

The free unit study includes:

  • Dutch Reading FOR PARENTS
  • Dutch Reading FOR KIDS
  • Dutch Writing
  • Dutch Math
  • Dutch BONUS

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