Free Apps from Answers in Genesis

These apps don’t replace AiG’s website,, but provide additional tools to aid users in evangelism and personal spiritual growth. You can also easily access digital content to help you stay up-to-date with Answers in Genesis.

AiG’s free app for iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad features content based on the AiG website, with daily articles, speaker blogs, new resources, and the weekly “After Eden” cartoon. Also get the latest updates from Answers in Genesis and the Creation Museum!

CreationAnswers is a free Android app made with the permission of Answers in Genesis, and it points towards content controlled and created by AiG. In this app you’ll read and hear some of the most common sense stuff about us, God, and the world around us.

AiG’s Get Answers app is available in both Google Play and the iTunes App store as well as a web version at! The “get answers” feature provides answers to 61 of the most common biblical authority questions. Check “our latest” to stay current with AiG’s most recent blog posts, podcasts, articles, and videos. The “shop” feature allows you to purchase digital content for your mobile devices. “My library” synchronizes all the digital content you have previously purchased or will purchase in the future using your Answers in Genesis web account. “For kids” is a feature designed to engage young people with videos, articles, and cartoons. And finally, this app’s “Answers in Genesis events” provides details and directions to AiG events around the world.

All of the above features and content are totally free!

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