Cultural Geography Resources for Christian Students

Voice of the Martyrs produces a variety of free resources to help children and youth learn about the peoples and countries of the world from a Christian perspective. Recommended for homeschool families! Please see the message below for more information.

Subject: VOM/KOC resources for homeschoolers

Dear Home Educator,

The Voice of the Martyrs has been providing unique, age appropriate Christian resources for homeschoolers and Christian school teachers since 1996.

VOM offers Kids of Courage resources for children ages 5 to 12. Our 50-plus-page Bold Believers country books, each featuring one country or topic,* are available for free download at, or for purchase at The books provide supplementary material for geography, missions, social studies, and current events curriculums. Learning About Islam explores the faith of Muslims from a biblical Christian perspective.

Parents, teachers, and children enjoy our daily blog featuring Christians around the world, school report ideas, crafts, activities, and feedback from readers at

Additional popular resources for children are our Torchhlighters DVDs (in English and Spanish) about Christian heroes of the past, hardcover picture books for younger children, and a VBS curriculum easily adaptable for homeschool groups and co-ops (

Resources for youth are also available at Online classes at for adults and youth offer persecution studies that provide students “an innovative way to become informed and involved in ministry to the persecuted church.”

For further information and information about additional resources, please check our websites.

Thank you,
The Voice of the Martyrs/Kids of Courage

*China, India, Colombia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Burma, Bangladesh, Uygurs, Khmu, Hmong, Chiapas, Egypt, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Gaza and the West Bank, Indonesia, Malaysia, Morocco, Nepal, Nigeria, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Algeria and Tunisia, Islam.


Thank you, thank you for making the Kids of Courage downloads available to my family. We have homeschooled all year using your material and my children have LOVED it. We learned so much about the children of the countries we studied and they remember details we would never have gotten otherwise. — Amy T. Ohio

“Our children have enjoyed serving at VOM headquarters and we greatly appreciate the ministry. We are delighted that … more children will be introduced to vital biblical concepts that will help them stay faithful when it’s not easy. Kids of Courage reveals the sacrifices Christians are making around the world to spread the gospel. It instills in young people a boldness to share their faith with others!” — Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar, homeschooling parents of TLC’s “19 Kids & Counting”

I first heard about VOM when I began homeschooling my children. After couple of years, I got brave and decided to teach my first “Bold Believers” class in our homeschool co-op. It was a huge hit! Over the course of several years, with children ranging from 9 to 17, we’ve studied Bangladesh, Vietnam, India, Colombia, China and the Uygur people. [We have used] VOM books, the Bold Believers’ Activity Books, VOM websites, and VOM DVDs. — Laura S.

Fantastic Resource!! (Bold Believers – Iraq)I am teaching sixth graders at a homeschool co-op about Muhammad, and Arabic, and Islam. What a valuable resource I have found here! Thank you for the creativity, research and wisdom that went into this particular volume. I’m sure the others are just as enlightening, and I can’t wait to use and share them! — Christa G.

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