Gifts that Keep on Giving

Rather than CONSUMING, many families have a holiday tradition of GIVING. They donate their time and talents, and/or provide monetary gifts to families in need. It’s good to know that instead of spending $25 on a plastic toy that probably won’t last long, for that same $25 you can give a gift that changes a life. Gospel for Asia and World Vision are two nonprofit Christian organizations through which you can share the true gift of Christmas – God’s love.

Gospel For Asia publishes an annual Christmas Gift Catalog in which donors can contribute toward a wide variety of practical and much needed items to help poor people in Asia including mosquito nets, water filters, blankets, sewing machines, weaving looms, bicycles, water wells, tool kits, building supplies, solar-powered lights, radios, and even animals such as chickens, goats, pigs, lambs, and cows.

World Vision publishes an annual Christmas Gift Catalog in which donors can help poor families around the world by choosing a gift to give on behalf of your family or designated in honor of someone special. Choose from farm animals, clean water, clothing, medicine, and other necessities. Even children like the idea of being able to give the gift of live animals! When you give the gift of a goat or chickens, you can also receive a plush goat or chick for your own child.

There are many other ways of sharing God’s blessings with those in need, even in your own community. For example, maybe you can…

  • *Provide a complete Christmas – including a tree, decorations, dinner, and presents (toys, clothes, or practical gifts) for a family down on its luck.
  • *Participate in a Christmas Angel, Angel Tree, Toys for Tots, holiday food drive, or similar campaign.
  • *Collect blankets, shoes, socks, and warm clothing for the homeless.
  • *Anonymously leave a small gift, cookies, flowers, or potted plant at the home of a lonely or elderly person in your neighborhood.
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