10% Off Electronic Wizards Apprenticeship

International Correspondence School for the Young Inventor!

Receive a “Mystery Box” every month!

Learn electronics at home with exciting projects!

Over 125 individual parts, CDs, Quiz and Tasks, All Components, Meters, Motors, Tools, Chips, Lights, Sensors, Speaker, Solar cells, Transistors, Capacitors, Resistors, Microphone, Gears, LEDs…

Everything supplied…and a Certificate of Completion. A full year’s course!

Bookings for all new students will receive a special 10% discount for 10th Anniversary of ‘The Electronic Wizards Apprenticeship’! We now also have a gift certificate available!

Explore hands-on real electronics with our fantastic inspirational one year Postal Course. Embark on an exciting adventure into the magical world of electronics, starting with the basics, the science behind it and rapidly building to more advanced practice giving you an insight into the workings behind technology and helping you understand some of the ‘Magic’ that holds our modern world together.

Every month you will receive a mystery ‘Wonder Box’ in the post.  Each package contains everything needed to make two or three fantastic electronics projects.  You get all the components such as solar cells, batteries, meter, speaker, chips, sensors, motors, gears, circuit boards, wire and solder.  The instructions are fun, written in a conversational way with no jargon. There’s a regular quiz, sometimes a CD and everything needed to take you along your exciting journey. There is a forum where the students can share their ideas with other apprentices and help each other.

Projects include making a radio transmitter, oscillators, LED flashers and sound generators.  You’ll be doing simple computer programming, using magnets, motors and power switching and learning how to solder. You’ll get to grips with the graphs, charting, technical drawing and calculations you need, learn about early inventions, alternative energies and understand just what volts, amps, watts, resistors and capacitors are all about and more!

Electronics now plays a huge part in medicine, mobile phones, cars and planes, space exploration, industry, entertainment, music, gaming, environmental protection and lots more so understanding it is getting more and more important.

  • No previous experience is needed and the course can be easily followed by students of 10 or older.
  • The Full years course is split into three ‘spells’ (terms). Each month you will receive a ‘wonderbox’.
  • There are four ‘wonderboxes’ per spell.

Our course is currently being enjoyed by many home educating families across the UK and abroad — apprentices from Canada, Australia, India, USA, France, Holland, Ireland, Costa Rica, Tasmania, New Zealand, Japan, and more applying every day! (For Students outside of the UK: International Airmail is £4 per month to cover International postage.)


The next start date is January 24th 2014.

Please note: References to Wizards, Magic, Spells, etc. are simply a theme to make the course more fun; there is no religious or belief system being promoted by their use. There are a few gentle nudges to philosophy & common sense using quotes from Einstein, etc.

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