New Year’s Eve Celebrations for Families

newyearfireHappy New Year’s Eve! Even if you’re staying home, there are plenty of ways to celebrate the occasion…

1. Read about the history of New Year festivities at

2. Hold a family meeting. Talk about the best things you did together during the past year, make plans for the coming year, go over your resolutions and offer ideas for helping each other to achieve them.

3. Re-live special events and fun times (and have some good laughs!) by watching your home movies from the past year while waiting for the new year to arrive.

4. Snuggle up and read some classic stories aloud by candlelight (or flashlight).

5. Plan a “First Night” celebration (i.e., family talent show night) in the tradition of the musicians, actors, mimes, mummers, jesters, and puppeteers of old.

6. Have a family fun night and play some of those board games and card games that you usually don’t have time for.

7. Make it a movie night. Rent some movies or watch the videos/DVD’s that you got for Christmas.

8. Have a “Take-out Feast.” Pick up some pizza, egg rolls, tacos, fries, onion rings, etc. – a little from each of your favorite restaurants.

9. Sit down together and brainstorm some ideas for your Family Mission Statement or a Family Motto.

10. Watch the ball drop in Times Square on TV. Then if your neighbors are still up at that time, open up the window or step outside and holler “Happy New Year” to them.

For all of the above, don’t forget the chips and dips or popcorn and ice cream, and you may want to include some silly noisemakers to use at the stroke of midnight!


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