Saxon Phonics Series

Saxon published this phonics curriculum which was developed by Lorna Simmons, a reading and special education teacher, based on her need to find an effective way to teach her own struggling learner how to read. If you are already acquainted with Saxon Math, you will be able to visualize Saxon Phonics. They are very similar in their systematic, incremental approach. The program is scripted, making it easy to teach these lessons. And although somewhat time consuming, the explicit instruction in phonemic awareness, phonics, decoding, spelling, and fluency at each level is very complete. As with any phonics program, you will need to supply additional level-appropriate literature for children to practice reading.

Grades K-3
The K-3 Saxon Phonics materials can be used alone or to supplement any other reading program. Saxon’s phonics program builds foundational skills with a unique method supported by research on effective reading instruction. Saxon Phonics is appropriate for all children, including those with learning difficulties. Saxon Phonics supports all learning styles and English Language Learners with a multisensory approach to engage visual, auditory, and tactile senses. Here is an 81-page sampler that illustrates what you will find in Saxon’s Phonics K-3 Home Study program:

Grades 4-6

Saxon Phonics Intervention is an intensive remedial phonics program for students in grades 4-6 who struggle with reading and spelling. Saxon Phonics Intervention moves much more quickly than Saxon Phonics for K-3, since it teaches to an older audience. Saxon Phonics Intervention uses concrete examples and consistent practice with flash cards, coding of words, spelling tests, and reading comprehension assignments, as well as vocabulary and alphabetizing. It’s not a complete grammar program, however, as it does not teach grammar rules such as capitalization and punctuation. Here is a sample lesson (6 pages) from Saxon Phonics Intervention:

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