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“Mathematics is the alphabet with which God has written the universe.” ~Galileo Galilei is a wonderful math website that was started in 1997 by Karen, a math teacher with an M.S. in Mathematics. When she was younger, Karen didn’t like math and wasn’t very good at it, so she designed this website to be colorful and fun, to show that math can be easy to learn if you just look at it the right way. Cool Math has free online math lessons, games, and activities for ages 13+. The level of math is from pre-algebra and up. The site gives excellent examples that are clear and not too wordy.

Cool Math Karen also has a Cool Math 4 Kids site that has cool math games, fun activities, and cool math lessons for kids ages 3-12 featuring addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, decimals, etc.

In fact, she now has a whole network of websites that make learning fun! See below… – Cool Math Games has cool free online games to learn math, reading and spelling, geography, science, strategy, skill, arithmetic, shapes and colors, logic and more. – Let the Science Monster show how cool math comes together with cool science! Cool science lessons, games, and apps for Astronomy, Earth Science, Life Science, Physical Science, Technology, and more. – The Finance Freak explains how money really works, the math of money, and personal finance lessons. It cuts through all the confusion, and is designed for teens and adults. – Cool Math 4 Teachers provides information and resources for web education, continuing teacher education, curriculum standards, and tips for using the Coolmath network of sites. – Spike’s Game Zone is a safe, family-friendly games site for kids of all ages. There’s nothing “educational” about these games… They are just for family fun! Recess for your brain! – More awesomely fun, coolified games in the categories of action/sports, adventure, car/racing, arcade and more, from the creator of Cool Math.

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