Celebrate Pi Day on March 14

Pi or is a number 3.14 that represents the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter. Pi appears as an important constant in many mathematical equations. It’s the most recognized mathematical constant in the world!

Pi Day is celebrated by math enthusiasts and observed in many schools around the world on March 14. It’s a great day to learn math facts while eating pizza and pie!

For more information about the number Pi as well as ideas for celebrating Pi Day, visit the following Easy-as-Pi math pages:

Pi Facts: http://www.easy-as-pi-math.com/pi-facts.html

Pi Fun: http://www.easy-as-pi-math.com/pi-fun.html

Pi Day: http://www.easy-as-pi-math.com/pi-day.html

The Easy-as-Pi website also has a nice list of picture books that teach math concepts: http://www.easy-as-pi-math.com/mathbooks.html

P.S. Next year will be a special date & time: 3/14 /15 9:26:53

Pi = 3.141592653

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