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Brighten up your kid’s day with free Daily Highlights from World & I Kids! is an interdisciplinary resource that aims to provide elementary, middle school, and homeschool students with original content and unique features that service both academic and character education needs while exploring world cultures.

History Makers presents profiles of important figures throughout history. These helpful bios include informative pictures, famous quotes, and quizzes.

Inspire! provides inspirational quotations that come with a clipart image and a few paragraphs to help students connect it to their daily lives.

Did You Know? delivers fascinating facts about Amazing Places, Strange Science, Incredible Individuals, Awesome Art, and Wacky Words.

What If? is an interactive feature that lets students explore various scenarios and situations to spur thought and discussion.

Folktales features engaging stories from different regions of the world.

Cyber Exhibits showcases quality images from galleries around the world, paired with useful information and questions to spur creativity.

Additionally, their website offers more global studies and multimedia galleries including native greetings and cultural treasures.

SEE ALSO: for older students and the general public! is a cross-curricular database of information and thought-provoking readings with more than 20,000 in-depth articles on topics in the Social Sciences, Books & Travel, Science, and The Arts, as well as English/Spanish sections complete with reading comprehension, vocabulary, idioms, audio exercises and quizzes. Global Culture Studies include country demographics, while Special Collections include worldwide folktales and much more. Beautiful visual aids breathe life and meaning into all of these contents. (Full access is reserved for subscribers only.)

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