Free Homeschooling ebooks!

Whether you’re trying to get your bearings as you consider homeschooling, or looking for encouragement to stay the course, you’ll find both in the FREE ebook “Turning Points in Homeschooling” from The Old Schoolhouse magazine.

“Turning Points in Homeschooling” offers ample support and incredible insight that will help answer many of the troublesome questions you may have. Meet homeschooling families that have learned to navigate their way in the right direction. Families share their real life stories and their individual challenges, blessings, and triumphs.

Receive “Turning Points in Homeschooling” along with the following ebooks FREE to help you sort out your educational choices:

  • Are Public Schools an Option?
  • What About Public School?
  • 10 Big Reasons Not to Send Christians Kids to Public Schools Today
  • Hammering at the Walls of Public Education
  • Public School Systems – Lovers or Haters of God?
  • A New Beginning

Download this bundle of FREE homeschool ebooks at:

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