Free Online Course: The Presidency and the Constitution

Hillsdale College politics faculty members teach a free, 10-week, not-for-credit course, which will help you understand the structure and function of executive power in the American constitutional order. The online course begins with studying the place of the president in the constitutionalism of the Founding Fathers, and examines how that role has changed with the rise of the modern Progressive administrative state.

Each week consists of a pre-recorded lecture given by a Hillsdale College professor, a moderated Q&A session, quizzes, study guides, and more! All of the course materials are provided online, including the reading selections. Once you complete the course, you will have the opportunity to take a final exam and receive a free “Certificate of Completion.” This course is best suited for those of a high school grade level and above.

The course technically began on September 29th, and new lectures are released weekly. However, you may begin anytime. Once new material is released, it is archived and available to view at your convenience. There are no set deadlines to complete the course material, so you may work at your own pace. A donation is suggested but not required to register for or participate in the course. Register now!

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