Kid Safe: The Video

Don’t tell your kids that Kid Safe: The Video is the best safety education video they’ll ever watch. Just tell them it’s fun. Because it is! They’ll enjoy watching Kathy, played by Andrea Martin, as she encounters a houseful of scary sights, sounds, and smells. They’ll laugh along as Ernie the Policeman, Marty the Fireman, and Tina the Paramedic teach her how to deal with emergency situations. And while your kids are having fun, they’ll be learning some important things about calling 911; first aid for kids; stop, drop, and roll; and much more. Kid Safe: The Video, from the makers of Triaminic® cough and cold product, was produced in cooperation with the American Academy of Pediatrics in association with the National Kid Safe Project. Written and Directed by Stuart Gordon. 1988.

Our family has been watching this video every year at Halloween for the past 20 years!

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