Thanksgiving Resources from Plimoth Plantation

Thanksgiving Interactive: You Are the Historian

You Are the Historian: an Interactive Thanksgiving Experience
In this award-winning web activity, kids take on the role of history detectives to investigate what really may have happened at the First Thanksgiving.

Historical Essays for Kids:

Mayflower and the Mayflower Compact

Who Were the Pilgrims?        Who Are the Wampanoag?

Thanksgiving                           Growing Food

Building a Home                      What to Wear?

Playing and Learning              What’s for Dinner?

Animals                                     A Child’s Role

Sarah Morton

Here’s some more cool stuff that’s Just for Kids: 

Coloring Pictures          

Talk Like a Pilgrim  

Thanksgiving Virtual Field Trips

Historical Resources:

Looking for more information? Plimoth Plantation has all kinds of historical resources, including information about Thanksgiving History. Think you’re related to a Pilgrim? Plymouth and Patuxet Ancestors is a great place to learn about Pilgrim families, geneaology and the Wampanoag, and the lives of Pilgrim children.

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