New Issue of Homeschooling Teen Magazine

sparky-tee-thHave you seen the January issue of Homeschooling Teen? It features Joshua DeJong, who has a unique hobby that he turned into a business – making replica World War II parachutes! Olyvea and Ethan give advice on how to deal with parents getting divorced, and Katie tells how to train your animals. Nick wrote an article about “The Fall of Games, Rise of PC” and Narrelle wrote an essay on “The Twenty-First Century Addiction.” Find out how LEGO bricks are used to teach STEM and other subjects. Be sure to read the reviews, study the infographic on bottled water vs. tap water, and take a look at Zoe’s new drawing. You can also learn all about online degree programs, time management and study tips for college, how to become a superior entrepreneur, and more. View this month’s magazine at

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