Castles of Britain

Learn all about castles in the United Kingdom at this informational website dedicated to the study and promotion of British castles:

Lise Hull, a castellologist and historian specializing in British heritage, created this website to encourage students, writers, and enthusiasts of all ages to explore castles and to stimulate their creativity.

Topics include: Castle Trivia, Floor Plans, Knights and Castles, Castles in Movies, Myths and Legends, Castles with Ghosts, and more.

The Castle Learning Center takes an in-depth look at the history of castles, life in a castle, and different types of castles. Included are many details about specific parts of castles such as: Defenses, Chapels, Drawbridges, Dungeons, Fireplaces, Furnishings, Gatehouses, Halls, Keeps, Kitchens, Pele Towers, Portcullis, Privy, Roofs, Solars, Stairs, Towers, Walls, Wells, Windows, etc.

The site also has a complete glossary of castle terms and links where you can find additional information about castles.

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