National Parks Offer Free Admission on MLK Day

NPSYou can visit the country’s national parks for FREE on Martin Luther King Jr. Day!

Not all National Parks charge entry fees, but those that do will give visitors a break next Monday. It’s the first fee-free day of the new year.

The National Park free day includes free entrance into the park for private vehicles and commercial tours. It does not include reservation fees, camping tours, concessions, and fee collection by third parties.

To encourage Americans to explore America’s natural beauty, rich history and culture, the National Park Service will waive entrance fees on a total of nine days in 2015.

Mark Your Calendars! Here are all of the free National Park days for 2015:

January 19: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
February 14-16: Presidents’ Day Weekend
April 18-19: First Weekend of National Park Week
August 25: National Park Service’s 99th Birthday
September 26: National Public Lands Day
November 11: Veterans Day

Not only do you get into the national park for free on these dates, but often there are special events going on as well. You just need to show up on the national park free day to get free entrance into the parks.

View the list of participating National Parks organized by state.

Did You Know…? If you or your family member is in the military you can get a Free Annual National Park Pass.

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