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Do your sons stretch your teaching abilities to the limits? Growing boys into men is a process of lifelong investment and understanding. But the challenge of teaching boys can push any parent to their wits’ end.

I know the feeling because my sons are all bright, creative, and intelligent – and yet they’re not the most academically minded scholars.

When I was a girl I loved reading, writing, and studying. I would hand in extra assignments just because I enjoyed doing them. So it’s been a bit frustrating having three boys who take every opportunity to delay or try to get out of doing their work – such as running and hiding so I have to seek them out, sneaking LEGOs under the table, concealing a comic book between the pages of a math book, making endless jokes to avoid putting pen to paper, or doodling in their notebook.

There have been times when I’ve been tempted to resort to bribery, threats, anything, just to keep them in their seats. Do you have that problem?

Well, I have some good news for you! Two leaders in education have now compiled an ebook of useful insights on how boys learn and process information, which can transform your son’s learning experience.

Andrew Pudewa, from the Institute for Excellence In Writing, and Woody Robertson, from CollegePlus, provide helpful tips on teaching boys in the ebook Teaching Boys. They share keys to providing your son with a love of learning while identifying useful insights into your son’s mind (like why boys enjoy hitting each other and seem oblivious to inflicting pain).

Raising boys is challenging but it’s also very rewarding. That’s why CollegePlus wants to provide this ebook FOR FREE! They are dedicated to the success of families, and want to equip your student to excel.

Download Your Free E-book

Enjoy the ebook and share the link with other families who would enjoy insight into their son’s minds. ~Teri

P.S. When you click on the above link, it takes you to the Teaching Boys download page. In the upper right-hand corner there is a link to “View All Ebooks.” There you can also download ebooks on Marking and Grading, How to Set Goals That Will Stick, and Your Child’s Powerful Memory. All courtesy of CollegePlus!

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