Life Through the Lens of History

Life Through the Lens of History is a blog written by Mr. Robert Duvall, a history teacher in California who has taught the subject for 25 years to students of all backgrounds at both the high school and college levels, including Advanced Placement US History. Mr. Duvall has a BS in history with a focus on modern world history, and an MA in history with a focus on American History. According to the author, Life Through the Lens of History is:

  • A place where everyone can learn something about history.
  • A place where I can serve you and your interest in history.
  • A place that seeks to earn your trust and offer some things of value to you.
  • A place where ideas are discussed in a civil manner, because history can ignite political, ethnic, gender, and generational passions.
  • A place that tells history in an understandable, effective, truthful, and passionate manner.
  • A place where all types of history are learned and enjoyed.
  • A place that offers assistance to those needing historical knowledge, whether you are a student, teacher, buff, business, or organization.

The Life through the Lens of History blog is currently doing a series on The Great War, and his latest post is about Winston Churchill. This blog is a great resource for learning about history in a casual way. Some of the posts even include lesson plans and activities. Mr. Duvall also offers academic services such as history tutoring, research paper guidance, and homeschooling support at all grade levels.

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