Free Audio & Video Learning

The Free Audio & Video Directory offers a selection of over 8,000 free educational audio books, courses, talks, interviews, speeches, and many other great resources for incorporating audio learning into your daily life. Learn on the go while commuting, exercising, doing chores, etc. The titles are organized by subject categories: Arts & Entertainment, Biography, Business, Education & Professional, History, Languages, Literature, Philosophy, Politics, Religion, Science, Self-Development, Social Sciences, Sports & Hobbies, Technology, and Travel.

The Free Courses Collection features over 1200 free online courses available on audio and video. In this collection you’ll find free college level courses from top universities such as Harvard, Stanford, Yale, UC-Berkeley, UCLA, MIT, and many other prestigious institutions. They’ve also added free courses from other sources such as podcasts, YouTube channels, and more. These are available in a variety of formats such as streaming video or MP3 audio download. Start a free course today!

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