Nebraska Studies offers teachers, students, and history buffs access to archival photos, documents, letters, video segments, maps, and more ─ capturing the life and history of Nebraska from pre-1500 to the present. Topics with lesson plans and activities include: prehistory, historic tribes, how horses changed native lives, Louisiana Purchase, fur traders & missionaries, Native Americans & settlers, Homestead Act, railroads & settlement, 1919 Omaha Race Riot, Nebraska & World War II, Nebraska Civil Defense, agriculture, etc. There are special sections on The Story of Beef, The History of Farming, Nebraska Quilters, and the Nebraska Hall of Fame. (Famous Nebraskans include Buffalo Bill Cody, General John Pershing, statesman William Jennings Bryan, author Willa Cather, actor Henry Fonda, and Father Edward Flanagan, Founder of Boys Town.) The site also has a timeline showing how Nebraska events coincide with national and world events.

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