10 All-Time Favorite Audio Stories

NOTE: This offer is available for ONE WEEK ONLY (until Feb 25th).


Here is a wonderful free resource from our friends the Erskines at HomeschoolRadioShows.com. It’s a collection of TEN All-Time Favorite Homeschool Audio Stories that your kids will love!

We’ll let the Erskines tell you about what happened with their own kids and these stories:


Just about every . . . single . . . night. For years . . .

. . . when the day finally wound down and bedtime came around, our three children would listen to a classic old time radio program as they settled down in bed.

Aside from the fact that this instantly quieted them down and kept bedtime fidgeting at a minimum, this had one most pleasant side-effect:

They became three of the best listeners you could imagine.

You could tell them something, read them something – they would remember it. I mean just about anything, down to the smallest detail. To this day, they all have amazing listening skills.

We credit that skill (because it IS a skill you can develop) to the regular exposure our kids had to these purely audio stories, which taught them to focus in . . . use their imaginations . . . and listen to these stories as they unfolded in the “theater of the mind”.

Some kids (like our two youngest) are “auditory learners,” who just naturally learn best by listening.

Other kids (such as our oldest) are not really geared to “auditory learning” at all, but these programs were just the ticket to help even him develop better listening skills, pay better attention, and focus in . . . even though it wasn’t his natural bent.

Classic old time radio programs – when properly chosen and used – can do just that.

Even better . . .

Since we were also homeschoolers, we especially liked to mix in programs that had “educational” content whenever we would find them.

Those programs were so good at bringing classic “living books” and history to life, they actually became the core of our history and literature studies. In fact, our now grown kids can still remember loads of them to this day. (I just asked, and they rattled off several stories they had heard over a decade ago.)

We want to share 10 of our All-Time Favorite programs with you, to see if these don’t capture YOUR kids’ imagination and interest too. (These are freebies from us to you . . . no strings attached.)

You can see which “Living Books” and American History stories we’ve included in this audio bundle here:


Note that these aren’t plain vanilla audiobook readings. They’re fully dramatized stories with sound effects – hand-picked especially for homeschool listeners. They run between 15 and 30 minutes each – perfect for homeschool time, for break time, or a bedtime story.

Again, the link to get your copy is:


But note: We’re making this available as a freebie for ONE WEEK ONLY . . . so get your copy now, or you might kick yourself later when this disappears. A word to the wise is sufficient.

Your Friends,
The Erskine Family

PS. Over the years, we’ve listened to literally thousands of old time radio programs. There were lots and lots of “duds”, but we also uncovered some little known gems that are just perfect for homeschool listening. (ie. – programs that the kids loved, AND were educational to boot.)

The kid-friendly stories in this All-Time Favorites collection are some of the best of the best, carefully selected so YOU don’t have to dig around forever trying to find a few good programs to try out with your kids.

We can assure you, if they like any kind of audio stories at all, they’ll LOVE these. Grab them now at:


The Erskine Family

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