Explore World Heritage Sites in Africa

Discover Africa’s UNESCO world heritage sites, which include some of the most spectacular natural places on Earth. From the pyramids of Egypt to the snows of Kilimanjaro, AfricanWorldHeritageSites.org takes you to the heart of the continent with photographs, maps, and information on each of Africa’s world heritage sites. (Africa has 120 world heritage sites, of which 35 are inscribed for their outstanding natural qualities, while 80 are listed as cultural sites and an additional 5 satisfy both natural and cultural criteria.)

At the core of each site description is a slideshow of stunning images which “tell the story” of each place. The aim is to raise awareness and gain support for the conservation and development of these very special locations. To begin your visit you can either select one of the places from the site’s drop-down menu, or use “The List” tab (where places are listed alphabetically by country), or take a tour of Cultural Sites or Natural Sites.

AfricanWorldHeritageSites.org enables geography students and armchair travelers to virtually explore places that few of us are privileged to see in person.

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