Global Cultures Curriculum FREE thru April 15th

AATW--EE aatw subscription offer graphic for sample pageExplore Everywhere is a dynamic global music and culture multimedia curriculum brought to you by All Around This World, introducing homeschool families to the world using thoughtfully adapted international music and inventive, interactive lessons that enhance a young learner’s natural curiosity about “the great out there.”

Subscribers receive new and engaging cultural content EVERY DAY, such as multilingual songs, “how-to” videos introducing traditional dances, instrument-making projects, rhythmic explorations, holiday celebrations, quizzes and games for your older learners. WHAT DO SUBSCRIBERS GET? OH SO MUCH.

Offering content that works wonderfully with infants-in-arms to 9 year-olds — enough non-video projects for a family to enjoy with its littlest homeschoolers, video and age-appropriate lessons for older students to enjoy both with grown-ups and on their own.

All Around This World teaches 12 regional seasons of classes covering the entire globe: Latin America, Africa, South and Central Asia, The Caribbean, Eastern Europe and the Baltics, East and Southeast Asia, West Asia and the Middle East, Oceania and the Pacific Islands, Western Europe and the Nordic Countries, U.S. and Canada, Everything is a Drum, Connecting the Dots, and Scattered Among the Nations. Each will eventually appear as the content for a full online season of “Explore Everywhere.”

Each “season” of Explore Everywhere will dive deep into a region of the world, offering up to four months of interactive education. This May through August – explore Africa, September through January 2016 explore Latin America, February 2016 through May 2016 explore South and Central Asia.

Other global curriculum options are available to homeschoolers such as regional CURRICULUM KITS that put over three months of global learning in your family’s hands – songs, dances, projects and more – to experience however your family learns best. Latin America kit currently available, Africa kit coming soon, South and Central Asia kit available in 2016.

All Around This World also offers FAMILY-FRIENDLY GLOBAL MUSIC CDS and extraordinary MUSICAL MAPS.

“Explore Everywhere” uses the internet as a tool to get the lessons into your hands but provides material meant to inspire REAL LIFE learning experiences. Enjoy, Engage and EXPLORE with your family.

SPECIAL TIME-LIMITED OFFER: All Around This World is introducing “Explore Everywhere” with a one-time opportunity. Register by April 15th and your subscription will be FREE FOREVER. Stay on the list as long as you choose.


“Free forever” offer for families and individuals ends at 11:59pm EST on April 15, 2015. Daily content starts in mid-May, beginning with an exploration of Africa.

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