Teaching Boys – you don’t have to resort to bribery or tears!

Do your sons stretch your teaching abilities to the limits?

The challenge of teaching boys can push any parent to their wits-end. But you don’t have to leave discovering the perfect teaching technique up to chance.

My brother wasn’t the most academically intent scholar.

While I took my education into my own hands, handing assignments to my mom more often than she gave them to me, my baby brother took every opportunity to delay. Running around the house, sneaking LEGOs into the school room, or carrying on an endless, unstoppable conversation with himself to avoid putting pen to paper.

There’s no doubt my mom was tempted to resort to bribery, lasso tricks, anything, just to keep him in his seat.

Fortunately, you don’t have to.

Through some insights from thought leaders in education, you can discover how boys learn and process information, which can transform your boy’s learning experience.

Download Teaching Boys – It’s FREE!

Based on seasoned advice from Andrew Pudewa from the Institute for Excellence In Writing, and Woody Robertson from CollegePlus, the Teaching Boys ebook shares keys to providing your son with a love of learning and identifies useful insights into your son’s mind, like why boys enjoy hitting each other and seem oblivious to inflicting pain.

Raising boys is both challenging and rewarding. That’s why we want to provide this ebook for free! We’re dedicated to the success of families, and want to equip your student to excel.

Click Here to Download the Ebook

Enjoy the ebook, and feel free to pass it along to other families who would enjoy insight into their son’s minds.

Happy Learning!
Abigail Endsley
For the CollegePlus Team


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