New Website Teaches About the U.S. Constitution

The U.S. Constitution: A Reader

Hillsdale College is pleased to announce a new resource to teach about the U.S. Constitution so it’s engaging and enjoyable for students of any age.

It’s the new Constitution Reader website:!

This no-cost digital resource will make the U.S. Constitution come alive for you and all who want to learn about our Founders and the principles of liberty upon which the Constitution was built.

This new, interactive website features:

  • Beautiful high-resolution images that bring American history to life in the interactive timeline, which you can explore chronologically or by topic.
  • More than 100 searchable primary-source documents selected and introduced by the Hillsdale College politics faculty.
  • A database of selected quotes, sorted by both author and topic.

Visit this site today, and explore American constitutionalism to engage in important debates between the Founders and Progressives, browse an illustrated timeline of the Constitution, and read key quotes from American statesmen.

This resource is—and always will be—of no cost to you and all Americans. So please join Hillsdale College at to get started today!

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